Carpet can be divided into two basic categories, Nylon or Polyester.

Nylon is a great choice for heavy traffic areas. It wears very well when properly maintained and will give you years of lasting beauty in virtually any room. It comes in a dazzling array of styles, weights and colors. Polyester is Nylon’s younger sibling. It is more sensitive to heavy traffic areas and typically will not give you the same life span as Nylon. However, it also resists stains better than a standard Nylon and is typically less expensive. Also a lot of Polyester’s are now made from recycled materials.

Beyond the basics of materials involved in the manufacture of carpet is the terminology you will read and hear when looking for the right carpet for your job. Some key words are Fris’ee, burber, patterned, shag, level loop and others. This can be a bit confusing if your unfamiliar with the terms and what they actually refer to. At ALLAY flooring we know the terminology and can explain it in a straight forward manner. This helps you make an informed decision on what will suit your needs best.